Like music? Like to talk about music with your friends? Can you string together a series of intelligible sentences about music? Hey, you might just be the person we’re looking for!

Earbuddy has been dedicated to writing reviews of music since 2011. Mostly we cover indie bands, but we don’t discriminate against any genre or mainstream artists. Basically, all music gets reviewed. Whether or not we like it, depends on our writers. We like our writers to give brutally honest feedback: good and bad.

Think you can be brutal? Think you can write reviews on a monthly basis? How about weekly? How about daily? How about minutely…secondly…okay, you get the idea. If you’d like to write for Earbuddy, then fill out a form below. This form will go to the site’s admin/owner Nick. He will contact you. You may get a gig writing. It’s simple. Earbuddy isn’t a paying gig (uh…we’re not very big; the ads pay to keep this site running). However, one day we hope that Condé Nast decides to purchase us so that everyone can get paid and write the reviews that our advertisers want us to write. Until then, we’re keeping things brutally honest.