As Earbuddy moves into 2015, a year that promises to be our biggest ever, we’re looking for more writers come aboard our current and fantastic staff to provide insight on music, pop culture, and even more!

Earbuddy is looking for enthusiastic writers to fill the following positions:

Singles Writer

— a singles writer will provide content for our ‘Listen’ section on the site. Duties include finding interesting new singles to write 50+ words about per post. Looking for individuals, who can post on a daily basis at varying times (5+ posts/day is ideal). Position reports to Owner/Admin.


— Earbuddy is always looking for writers to continue our work in posting in-depth reviews about music. Reports to Reviews Editor.

Music Videos Editor

— in charge of posting new music videos for upcoming/promising bands while providing insight behind the videos (whether commentary or basic information about the video). Reports to Owner/Admin

Pop culture writer

— Earbuddy is looking to expand beyond just music posts with new posts about movies, television, video games, comics, and more. Obviously since this is new ground for Earbuddy, we’re looking for a lot of creativity here. Reports to Owner/Admin.

Column Writer and/or Interviewer

— Got an idea about a column? We want to hear it. Want to interview bands/artists? Then sign up.

While Earbuddy does not pay anything, you will receive the above perks and be allowed the freedom to speak your mind about music to a constantly expanding audience of readers. If this is something you think you’d be interested in, fill out a contact form below and one of our editors should respond to your email in about a week.

Earbuddy is currently published using WordPress; experience is preferred, but not necessary.