Band Submissions

Earbuddy fully supports independent artists of all kinds whether through basic reviews or promotion of the band. All that we ask in return for helping to promote your work is that you also help to promote ours with your listeners (social media love, website backlinks, etc.). The more we grow, the more you grow. Earbuddy has different ways to help you make an impact on a larger listening public. Please keep in mind that any music submitted will be SHARED with the Earbuddy staff writers.

When submitting your music, tell us a little bit about the band:
Who?  — Who plays in the band?  What instruments do you play?  Who are your influences?
What? — What’s the story behind the album/song?  What influenced it?  What’s next with the band (touring, recording)?

Below are the basic submission types:

Singles and remixes

Album Reviews

We provide honest opinions of music.  Sometimes, this can work out for the band:
Meenk – Scamu Scau Review
Falling Andes – Frantic EP Review

And other times, it may not:
Sam Lachow – Brand New Bike Review
Caliver – Box Spring Review

Hey, we all hate being critiqued. And just because we have a certain opinion about your music doesn’t necessarily mean our readers will agree. That’s why we always try to feature AT LEAST one example of your music in the review (audio/video link).