Django Django – Django Django Review

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Who can make Arabian Nights, spaghetti Westerns, dubstep and Afrobeat sound cool, all in the space of one album? Django Django can.

Ribbon Music, 2012

9.4 / 10.0

British quartet Django Django’s self-titled debut album is a joy to listen to. It’s also really bizarre. To the best of my knowledge, no other bands sound quite like Django Django do. They’ve created something totally and utterly unique with their debut, fusing the techniques of the traditional rock band line-up with laptop noises, overenthusiastic rolling percussion, and influences as eclectic and varied as African music, spaghetti Westerns and the stories of Arabian Nights – making for incredibly fun listening. Sure, the album takes a while to grow on you. But after two or three listens, I guarantee that Django Django will be your new favourite band.

Stand out tracks from the album include the show-stopping lead single “Default”, the wub-wubbing dubstep-inspired “Waveforms”, and the five minute polyrhythmic Afrobeat epic that is “Zumm Zumm”. Another highlight is the crazy synthpop tune, “Hail Bop”, which sees lead singer Vincent Neff croon about the dangers of drifting off into space – “Start shining the night sky you light up like a solar flare / Won’t just burn up on contact as we enter the atmosphere”. It makes very little sense, but this is characteristic of Neff’s lyrics – they’re deliberately cryptic, and loaded with imagery and metaphor. The percussion on this album is also excellent – to create all the infectious rhythms you hear, Django Django make use of not just drum kits but a whole number of other instruments, from maracas and tambourines, to steel drums and vibraslaps. It’s almost as if the band have just madly raided a bunch of bargain music shops for every cheap percussion instrument they could get their hands on (which I honestly wouldn’t put past them).

Each song on the album is so varied and different, so I can’t accurately pick a favourite. Every time I listen to this album, I have a new favourite track – today I might be digging the cowboy-movie-style tune “Firewater”, tomorrow I might feel like the slow-burning, stripped back “Hand of Man”, and then after that I might fall in love with the super-catchy closing track “Silver Rays”. Django Django have refused to follow the rules with their self-titled debut. This one comes highly recommended.

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