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DEGA is the husband and wife duo of Kalen and Aslyn Nash. Both have prior experience to DEGA with Kalen involved with New West Records act Poderosa and Aslyn recording two prior albums and also serving as a touring keyboardist and backup singer for Kesha. As a duo, they create music that’s enchanting and dreamy. On February 23rd, they will release their self-titled debut through Lemonade Records. Today, we premiere the album track, “Phoenix”, a very personal song for the duo. Check out what they had to say about it and listen to the track below.

What does your relationship with this one feel like now, as compared to when you initially wrote the song?

Aslyn: My connection with ‘Phoenix’ feels just as strong now as it ever was. The song was initially inspired as we walked the streets of London one night at 2am and a red fox approached us in the streets. We were in Camden, not the English countryside, so it was quite an unusual sighting, at least for us.

Kalen: We took it as a good omen and attempted to follow the fox, but very quickly, he disappeared. Thoughts of his elusive nature are what began the idea for the song.

Aslyn: On a more personal note, later we learned that we were pregnant during that time. We unfortunately suddenly miscarried several months into the pregnancy, just as the excitement and wonder settled in. This song took upon that story for me. Just as the fox came and disappeared, so had this crushing experience.

How exactly does symbolism of the phoenix tie in, here?

Aslyn: I had to create a place in my mind and heart, a place of refuge, to reconcile the sorrowful experience and the feelings of loss. The story of the Phoenix finding renewal of life in the midst of death gave me release. Every time we play that song, I relive the presence and the absence felt amidst that time in our lives.

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