EMA – Outtakes from Exile EP Review


EMA invites you to step back into the ring.
City Slang, 2018
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6.1 / 10

Erika M. Anderson, aka EMA, follows up last year’s Exile In The Outer Ring with a new EP, Outtakes From Exile. Apparently, EMA couldn’t exile these five songs from listeners. One is a lengthy instrumental of Outer Ring favorite “Breathalyzer”. The “long cut” of the song goes for 20 minutes and is all drone and grimy dread. The track’s length could test your patience. But it’s enough to give you goosebumps and send you on your way as a mess.

Less dark but no less gloomy is “MopTops (Twist While The World Stops)”. Here, the end of the world feels like a party, and everyone is doing the twist. Anderson’s voice is heavy on the echo over a downtempo melody before a piercing riff stabs you without warning. It could be the release’s sharpest song; however, nothing here is as remotely interesting as what was already on Exile In The Outer Ring. These outtakes are just for the diehards.

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