Rhye – Blood Review


It's the return of the Rhye...just in time for Valentine's Day.
Loma Vista Recordings, 2018
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7.3 / 10

Five years since Woman, Michael Milosh and his project Rhye returns to put more intimate thoughts in your head. Almost immediately. Just look at that album art (apparently a picture of Milosh’s new woman). This is a guy that definitely loved the hell out of Chris Issak’s video for “Wicked Game”. However, nothing on Blood ever reaches the level of sexiness from Issak’s “Wicked Game”. After all, Milosh prefers a more downtempo, minimal pop style. Almost like The xx. It makes for a sexy sound in its own way. Unfortunately, it almost works against Milosh. Blood‘s first half suffers from too little popping off. Sure, the candles are flickering. Milosh’s voice is buttery. But there’s no drama; no real shift in direction.

Luckily this changes on Blood‘s second half. Maybe Milosh needed to prime us with the album’s exquisite mood before he and his band opened up; allowing some sonic experimentation. With this change, the songs get sexier all the sudden. On “Phoenix”, Milosh sings, “Kill all these ghosts with slow-motion explosions/ Feel my body through your fears and stains/ I’m coming fast, oh my God, oh my God.” Yeah, it sounds like he’s having an orgasm. Quite the orgasm. But will you reach a similar experience with Blood? Although it doesn’t get us there as fast as Woman, maybe it’s because it’s a bit too familiar. However, the familiarity is comforting and leaves us longing to return to its touch.

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