Bat Fangs – Bat Fangs Review

Fangs but no fangs.
Don Giovanni Records, 2018
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5.2 / 10

Hype upon hype is flying toward Bat Fangs’ debut album. Wait! Who the hell are Bat Fangs? Just some overhyped indie band that we’ll forget about by the time the year is over? Well, yeah, but it’s got the bassist from Ex Hex (Betsy Wright). Here, she teams up with drummer Laura King for a fast-paced nine-song journey where the same riffs seemingly repeat with minor change-ups. It’s loud and powerful and a bit ’80s.

It’s almost like that band Bleached. No, it’s exactly like Bleached. In fact, Bat Fangs tempted me to just copy some of my reviews of their albums and use them here. But I didn’t do that (or did I?). Really there’s not much to say here other than the songs hit hard with lyrics that scream, “This is a rock song,” rather than try for anything deep. So do we give Bat Fangs pass just because it reminds us of some other bands we like more? And those are also bands who remind us of other bands. Why not just listen to those bands?

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