Hovvdy – Cranberry Review


Cranberry is a continuation of Hovvdy's debut album, Taster.
Double Double Whammy, 2018
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6.5 / 10

If I explained indie music to someone who mostly listens to pop, I think what they would hear in their heads would be something like Hovvdy. It’s very downtempo; not fit for mainstream consumption. The songs are short, but the emotion is heavy and the mood is thick. While somber in sound, it also feels a bit hip. Music that carries itself as if saying, ‘Yeah, this is only for me and the people who get it.’ Hovvdy’s sophomore effort, Cranberry, shares a lot of similarities with the duo’s debut, Taster. That album was another effort flying its indie flag proudly. In a way, it’s a continuation of Taster with the duo sticking to their familiar guns. This isn’t the album where they experiment wildly by adding horns or dance beats. That’s sure to come later.

For now, you get gems like “Truck”, which dabbles slightly in a twangy, country vibe. Here, there’s a sentiment of distance; finding an escape from others or getting lost on a single idea. Then there’s the quiet under-two-minutes title track that deals with a relationship on the verge of ending. “I answered all your questions wrong/ With trouble listening again.” Ah, selective hearing. Unfortunately, that never goes away. But in this case, Cranberry is an easy selection to make.

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