Kyle Craft – Full Circle Nightmare Review


That’s not just an album cover; that’s a Tide ad.
Sub Pop, 2018
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7.5 / 10

Kyle Craft appears on his latest album cover looking like a cross between Jack White and American Horror Story’s Evan Peters. It makes for a weird listening experience when especially taking the latter into consideration. However, Craft’s erratic and inventive style likens him more to the former or a Conor Oberst. Craft has a better voice than Oberst though. His new album, Full Circle Nightmare is a fast-paced fun affair where love is as comforting as biting down on a piece of scrap metal. A difficult woman (or maybe women) fuel these songs like, “Fever Dream Girl”, “Full Circle Nightmare”, and “Heartbreak Junky”. And that’s the first three songs of the album!

For sure, Craft’s heart is in pain and he responds with a manic, off-the-rails performance that is wildly involving. Musically, he crafts (see what I did there) pieces of glam rock, garage rock, folk, blues, and soul together. It’s a combination that I like to refer to as junkyard blues, a touch of sophistication while also completely bonkers. This should translate to one hell of a live show where Craft leaves everything on stage as the audience watches in disbelief. Hell, he does it on this album.

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