The Soft Moon – Criminal Review


The Soft Moon is a Criminal on the loose in a downward spiral.
Sacred Bones, 2018
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7.0 / 10

“Guilt is my biggest demon and has been following me since childhood,” says Luis Vasquez regarding his fourth album as The Soft Moon. He titles the record Criminal because he is confronting his guilt head-on. He’s OWNING his guilt. Criminal finds Vasquez baring his soul at its most ugly over the darkest krautrock and post-punk that borders on the edge of industrial. It’s not unlike some of The Soft Moon’s previous efforts; however, this one seems to HIT harder. It could be Vasquez’s version of The Downward Spiral. He even goes full-Reznor with his voice sounding almost too identical to the NIN frontman on a few songs. But will that really bother anyone if Criminal reminds them of Nine Inch Nails? It might if the writing wasn’t good. However, Vasquez’s inner-turmoil is ingrained within these lyrics; making the message undoubtedly his.

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