Hookworms – Microshift Review


Less psychedelic; more shimmery.
Domino, 2018
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6.8 / 10

Leeds band Hookworms indeed make a shift with their third album, Microshift. They say this album owes more to the studio than the band’s previous psych-rock live sound. And once you hear the album’s abundance of synths, loops, blips and bloops, you’ll likely agree. It’s the album that Django Django could have released this year…if they would have released a good album. That said, it will be interesting to see how longtime Hookworms fans react to Microshift, as it’s a clear departure from their grimier rock sound. Instead, the band’s music is more shimmery, vibrant, and pretty. However, Hookworms don’t lose their focus on crafting long, expansive songs. In fact, it’s arguable that Microshift‘s sonic change-up only allows more opportunity for the band to go buck wild. And they do for the entire album.

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