Anna Burch – Quit The Curse Review


There's not much about Anna Burch's debut that I want to quit.
Polyvinyl, 2018
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7.4 / 10

Anna Burch‘s strength as a songwriter comes from her ability to put you into her head. And she’s able to do it effectively on her debut solo album, Quit The Curse, which revolves mostly around a series of romantic relationships. But you can probably guess that most of these aren’t necessarily good. Other than “Belle Isle”, Burch often sings from a bummed yet resilient perspective. On “Belle Isle”, she finds fireworks with a new man. This song also stands out in that it swings more country than the Cali-jangle guitar pop of the other songs. But this is somewhat reflective of her ties with indie folk ensemble Frontier Ruckus. Although Quit The Curse‘s songs are simple in their approach, they’re deceptive in their simplicity as they stick with you even though they initially feel easy to brush off.

Says Burch, “To me, this album marks the end of an era of uncertainty. Writing songs about my emotional struggles helped me to work through some negative patterns in my personal life…” So it sounds like Quit The Curse won’t represent a pattern of angst-heavy music from Burch. Still, the album is somewhat sunny even if lyrically dark. But it won’t stop you from getting on board with this album.

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