Dream Wife – Dream Wife Review


The dream is real.
Lucky Number Records, 2018
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7.7 / 10

Dream Wife laughs in the face of your white male elitist fantasy of a trophy wife. The way you objectify your women as if they’re possessions. One thing is clear from their self-titled debut; they’re three strong, independent women. They take charge, not some man. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Dream Wife if you’re a man. Just as the trio’s recent EP proved, they can rock hard. But they do so while maintaining a strong pop sensibility. Also, the band’s identity feels naturally intact rather than artificial (*cough* Starcrawler *cough*). It all makes for an exciting debut, one that often recalls ‘90s alternative rock without the angst.

Instead, Dream Wife’s songs are more fun like “Taste”, which takes flight off an infectious chorus: “All I wanna do is taste you!” But Dream Wife stretch “taste” out for good, throat-blistering measure. Then there are the songs, “Let’s Make Out” and “Spend The Night”, where they’re in control of their sexuality rather than lovers forcing their desires upon them. “Let’s Make Out” is the more fun of the two while “Spend The Night” is more sweet. But the album’s absolute must hear is its closing track “F.U.U.”, which stands for “Fuck u up.” It’s an aggressive sendoff that says Dream Wife aren’t fucking around. They’re the real deal, not some dream or fantasy.

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