The Go! Team – Semicircle Review


The Go! Team remind us of watching our school band in the gym...while we wait for the bell to ring.
Memphis Industries, 2018
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5.6 / 10

The Go! Team is a project that earns that exclamation point in its name. Its songs are big and fun; however, the project’s last album, The Scene Between, suggested its best days were over. Rather, Scene was an unabashed recycling of old ideas. Well, it was lame. But at least its lameness is explainable. Bandleader Ian Parton was mostly going at it alone after the band’s previous lineup ended. However, for the band’s newest, Semicircle, two original members (guitarist Sam Dook and rapper Ninja) rejoin Parton. Plus, current live players Simone Odaranile (drums) and Angela ‘Maki’ Won-Yin Mak (vocals) round out the band. Semicircle is lively and does fulfill Parton’s desire to create the experience of a marching band gone rogue.

But all the instruments and an exuberant demeanor can get you so far. While Semicircle is certainly fun to spend time with briefly, not much leaves you wanting to return to it. It’s an album that feels old school while conjuring memories of watching your school band play in the gym. However, like those performances from years ago, when the bell rings and it’s over, you’re back to listening to what you really want to hear. Likely something with more meaning and depth.

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