Django Django – Marble Skies Review


Django Django look to the skies for inspiration for their third album. Unfortuanately, they find none.
Ribbon Music, 2018
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5.0 / 10

At one time I promise that Django Django was an exciting project. That was around their first and best album. Six years later and album number three upon us, Django Django’s music stirs yawns more than hand-clapping glee. The band’s sophomore album, Born Under Saturn, started the trend. With Marble Skies, there’s only two songs (out of 10) worth your time. But they’re not going to blow your socks off either. However, if you’re curious, the songs are the album’s title track and “Beam Me Up”, the latter being the better of the two.

Aside from these songs, the rest recycle through Django Django’s bag of tricks – psychedelic disco pop with surf guitar licks and metaphysical lyrics. Nothing is revelatory. Even an appearance from Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club on “Surface To Air” does nothing, but make you believe you’re listening to a worse album. Can Django Django bring back the excitement? I’m not sure I want to hang in there to find out.

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