Shopping – The Official Body Review


No need to go shopping for something new.
FatCat, 2018
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7.2 / 10

Considering the gap between Shopping‘s 2015 sophomore album, Why Choose, and their latest, The Official Body, you’d almost expect things to be different. But, no. Same pronounced bass riffs courtesy of Billy Easter. Back and forth banter between Easter and lead vocalist Rachel Aggs. Songs that feel like brainstorming jam sessions. It’s all here. And it all could have come in the year immediately after Why Choose. Although short on surprises to their formula, Shopping do add synth bass and drum pads to the mix. But that’s a minor tweak at best. Thankfully, Shopping’s formula is still good so no major changes are necessary, especially when the songwriting is on point as with the aggressive two-punch combo of “Suddenly Gone” and “Shave Your Head”.

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