Jeff Rosenstock – POST- Review


You may still be singing songs from Rosenstock's latest POST-listening.
Polyvinyl, 2018
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8.0 / 10

Well, it’s a new year. We’ve got that awful 2017 taste out of our mouths. Or at least some of us do. Still, 2018’s music is likely to retain some of its 2016 post-election blues. This means more anti-Trump music – some good, some bad, some bandwagon, attention seeking. Well, POST- might be our first 2018 protest album; dropping as a surprise on New Year’s day from its creator Jeff Rosenstock and Polyvinyl. Rosenstock’s history is with bands such as The Arrogant Sons of Bitches and Bomb The Music Industry!. However, now he’s separating himself from those bands with some excellent solo work. His 2016 album, WORRY., really got people talking, but it must have been quietly, as I’m only now discovering him with this album. But I’m very happy to be discovering him with POST-.

Yes, the narrative follows post-election angst, and if you’re a Trump supporter, you may write off many of Rosenstock’s songs as liberal whining. However, even Trump supporters might find it hard to write off the songs of POST- when they’re so damn catchy. Some of this is because of Rosenstock’s manic frontman persona that can go wild like Jay Reatard or Ty Segall and calm down for quieter, more sentimental moments (“9/10” and that close to “Let Them Win”). Then, there are the beckoning sing-alongs that are so intoxicatingly addictive, you can’t help but let yourself go. Getting swallowed up in Rosenstock and company’s cathartic jam sessions. It’d be easy to call this dumb rock if Rosenstock didn’t execute it so smartly.

He makes you feel his panic and perseverance. And he amazes with how he can write lines like, “I’ll ramble incessantly/ On pointless rattlings in my head/ First person shooter games/ Guitar tones, ELO arrangements/ The differences in an MP3/ And a vinyl record that you can hear!”, in a song that goes far deeper into us using our voice for something that truly matters. Even if Rosenstock’s perspectives and beliefs are lost on you, the fun won’t be.

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