PREMIERE: Ole Fateful – “Before The Reaper”


Photo by Jacob Simorka

Ole Fateful is the project headed up by Evan Fricks, a crooner of a dark southern-gothic gospel. He’s prepping the release of his band’s debut full-length album, Spirits. The new album is a broad-spectrum exploration of modern folk country with deep songwriting roots. Themes of love and loss, death and resurrection, angels and demons (maybe more demons than angels); the album calls upon the spirits you can feel walking behind you down life’s winding trails and leaves you reaching for the spirits you consume to forget about them. Today, Earbuddy premieres the haunting new single, “Before The Reaper”. Listen to it below.

Evan Fricks on the song:

Influenced by the death of a friend, “Before the Reaper” takes place on my deathbed. A reflection on life’s brightest memories, most visceral experiences, and the questions left unanswered of what could have been. It begs Death for one last taste of life before the final farewell.

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