Photo Credit: Misti Layne

DEWR, aka Brian Dewar, is prepping the release of his new album, City & Sur. The Michigan-born musician has made a home in San Francisco, embracing its culture and realizing it through his music. Today, we share the new song, “Anyway”, which kicks off with a somber Pacific-coast charm before jolting us with an upbeat melody to get the heart thumping. Listen to “Anyway” below.

Unlike other songs on the album, second single “Anyway” started with a structural framework in mind. Adopting a post-rock form inspired by some of the more conceptual work by influencers like Thom Yorke and Justin Vernon, it develops without ever revisiting the same part twice. Lyrically, the track concerns a personal inclination to over think matters—one that’s echoed in the pragmatic approach to its creation. It’s apparent upon listening, however, that Dewar knows how to use this tendency to his advantage.

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