Johanna Warren – “Here To Tell”


Photo credit: Marlee Meghan Banta

Perhaps you know Johanna Warren from hearing her voice on songs from Iron & Wine and Natalie Merchant. Or maybe you know her for last year’s Gemini I. But if you aren’t aware of her, that’s okay because you will be after today. Warren has announced a follow-up companion album to Gemini I called…Gemini II. “All the songs on both records are about a complicated three-year relationship with a Gemini man,” she says. “It was very much a ‘twin flame’ situation. We were working with bright light and intense shadow.” Listen to her new song, “Here To Tell”, from Gemini II.

Warren says that “Here To Tell” is “the story of an interdimensional being who visits a young man in his sleep and takes him on a journey through the history of life on Earth, bestowing him with wisdom to help save humanity.” Gemini II releases on February 16th, 2018 via Spirit House Records.

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