PREMIERE: Neosho – “Time Traveler” Video


Neosho is the duo of Jackson Bennett and Justin Bernard Williams. Tomorrow (November 10th), they will release their debut album, Borderline, which shuns a conventional sound in favor of one that’s far more exciting. Bennett provides the vocals while Williams provides a backdrop of saxophone, synths, and sample chopping. Everything comes together in an odd package that’s undeniably ear-catching. But today, we also want to focus on a visual aspect of the band’s music. Check out our premiere of Neosho’s video for “Time Traveler” and learn about its creation from Justin Bernard Williams.

Neosho’s Justin Bernard Williams on the video:

“Time Traveler” was created as a backdrop to our live show using a Max MSP plugin for Ableton Live. That’s a lot of jargon. Basically, I was able to wrap JPEGs around different objects that react to different musical parts. Think: “iTunes visualizer on crack.” I used some additional video to create a loose narrative that correlates to some of the lyrics. I hope the result best estimates David Lynch getting frustrated with iTunes.

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