Fever Ray – Plunge Review


Fever Ray's latest is uncomfortably sexual, but you'll still want to take the Plunge.
Mute, 2017
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7.8 / 10

The Knife make arresting, difficult music. At times, it assaults our senses while also tapping into something within us that’s primal. Depending on how much you enjoy The Knife’s music will dictate your feelings for Fever Ray. Fever Ray is the project of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer. Her new album, Plunge, marks the second Fever Ray release and comes eight years after the first. Considering how interesting 2009’s Fever Ray was and remains, it’s a shame that we’re just now only getting the sequel. But we did get a Knife album in between. So, I guess we should be happy for that.

For Plunge, Fever Ray takes St. Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION but brings the sex and seduction to the forefront instead of heartbreak and pain. Here, Dreijer assumes something of an exhibitionist behavior. The songs drip with sexual lyricism. But rather than go about it with safe innuendo, Dreijer gets frank and refreshingly explicit. “To The Moon and Back” will be always be referenced to by its jarring line, “Your lips, warm and fuzzy/ I want to ram my fingers up your pussy.” Okay, settle down, President Trump. On “This Country”, we could get into the political context of the song, but doing so robs it of its strange appeal where Dreijer sings, “This country makes it hard to fuck.”

Musically, Plunge is Knife-lite, but it’s no less abrasive or interesting. Often times, it’s just the right amount of crazy. Album opener “Wanna Sip” gets the thrills going immediately with its cliff-diving drops. However, nothing on Plunge ever lacks in excitement. Dreijer’s personality translates from creepy to awesome and never dull. But what else would you expect from one-half of The Knife?

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