Ducktails – Jersey Devil Review


Ducktails' latest album goes from boring to disturbing.
New Images, 2017
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1.0 / 10

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Matt Mondanile. But it certainly seems like he’s deserving of some karmic retribution. In case you missed the news, stories of Mondanile’s sexual misconduct have come to light recently. First, there was the story that Real Estate dumped the guitarist because of his “unacceptable treatment of women.” Of course, Mondanile originally said his departure was to focus on his Ducktails project. Then, ex-girlfriend and excellent musician Julia Holter confirmed the allegations were true since she experienced his mistreatment firsthand. And now, his albums are no longer available on streaming services like Spotify or Tidal. But what about Jersey Devil? It just came out!

Well, it’s not like many listeners were clamoring for Ducktails‘ music. I mean, Mondanile’s previous albums were okay but not as memorable as say…Real Estate. But now no one will remember them at all. The music industry is scrubbing itself clean of the Mondanile stain. Yet, here I am reviewing his latest album. Though, I’m not reviewing it to tell you that it needs to be heard. Instead, I want to point out how truly disturbing the release is. Without the allegations in the forefront, it’s a basic, boring album of guitar indie rock and R&B experimentation.

But when listening to Mondanile’s new album after the revelations of his atrocious behavior, the album takes on a sinister tone. With Jersey Devil, he plays himself up as a soft, sensitive troubadour. Just the kind of nice guy that will treat you right. But now, we know it’s just a facade. Maybe like the glasses Mondanile constantly sports to appear intellectual. He’s playing a part while many have to suffer because of it. Well, they don’t have to suffer anymore. Nor do the listeners.

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