St. Vincent – MASSEDUCTION Review


Them gams is just givin' me the vapors!
Loma Vista, 2017
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8.1 / 10

After a decade of putting out odd pop albums that increasingly took a rock edge to them, it makes sense that St. Vincent’s hardest album would be the one that sees her dissecting humanity’s vices. It’s a typical rock move. Drugs are bad, but we need them to get through our lives. Because that’s how the world is, so don’t feel too down about it. But maybe try to keep them under control? Clark frames this material through her quirky lens in an attempt at making it stand out. However, the resulting writing is so incidental I had to check to make sure Zooey Deschanel wasn’t a ghostwriter.

That’s an awfully high score to put on an album whose lyrical themes are so rote, though. But that’s owing a lot to MASSEDUCTION being another Annie Clark album that sounds absolutely fantastic. It’s an album of great propulsion that keeps the toes tapping and the hits coming. “Pills” is about as subtle as its title implies. Still, there’s marvelous conveyed joy in actually listening to the damn thing. And “Pills” is relatively tame in comparison to the trio of bangers that follow. MASSEDUCTION works for as long as it keeps its heart rate up, and that’s most of it save for two slow ballads that can just fuck the fuck off.