King Khan – Murder Burgers Review


If you're a fan of King Khan, then help yourself to a happy meal of Murder Burgers.
Khannibalism / Ernest Jenning Record Co. , 2017
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6.2 / 10

King Khan likes to have a good time. He makes music that’s fast, wild, and exudes a carefree attitude. Though you might know Khan best for King Khan & the Shrines or The King Khan and BBQ Show, now he’s going at it on his own. But then again, he’s not. Instead, Khan enlists The Gris Gris to back him up on his first solo album. Still, just King Khan sits as name stamped on Murder Burgers. But maybe The Gris Gris don’t need all that attention. Or maybe King Khan knows that ‘and’ following his name is getting somewhat tiresome. Whatever the reason Murder Burgers is here as the definitive King Khan statement, right? Well…it’s a mix of psychedelic, soul, and garage rock. Isn’t this the same King Khan we already know? Yes, it is.

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