Dream Wife – Fire EP Review


Dream Wife start a fire that's likely to keep burning.
Lucky Number, 2017
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6.4 / 10

For two songs, you get a sense of Dream Wife‘s identity on their new EP Fire. Yes, just two songs out of the five here. The reason is that we get three remixes of the EP’s title track. Producers Ellie Herring, FTSE, and biLLLy take the original song and transform it according to their individual styles. Herring turns it into a proper club thumper while FTSE delivers a tropical take on the song. It’s a choice that the Soundcloud kids and Hype Machine addicts will dig as they savor the drops. Finally, the biLLLy remix instills the original with a deeper pop sensuality.

But about the original. “Fire”, the non-remixed version, is a thrilling introduction to the London-based trio of Rakel Mjöll (lead vocals), Alice Go (guitar and vocals) and Bella Podpadec (bass and vocals); assuming you’re unfamiliar with the band’s previous EP. The song rides strongly on ’90s alternative guitar riffs. The song’s pop chorus pulls you in close like an old friend. The reason for that is more apparent on the second song, “Somebody”, which recalls Tegan & Sara‘s best work before they succumbed to the pop direction of their recent work. Mjöll sings, “I am not my body/ I’m somebody,” an empowering declaration if I’ve ever heard one. While we don’t get much, we get just enough to make us want more from Dream Wife.

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