Sløtface – Try Not To Freak Out Review


Cheery, pop punk for people who claim to not like pop punk.
Propeller Recordings, 2017
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6.5 / 10

With a name like Slutface, you might expect a rough-around-the-edges punk band, a metal band, or some nihilistic electronic outfit. With that in mind, the band’s debut, Try Not To Freak Out is surprisingly tame. It’s punk rock, I guess, but the band delivers it in an audience-friendly, Pandora-ready format. It’s enjoyable the same way that a sunny day is enjoyable. Or a plain white t-shirt with absolutely no stains. The most remarkable thing about the band is their name. And now, it’s not even Slutface anymore. Instead, they changed their name to the less offensive (?) Sløtface.

Try Not To Freak Out‘s biggest crime is just that it’s not very adventurous. But you could easily say that about most of the albums released in 2017. Sløtface’s songs are fast and punchy, not unlike some well-crafted version of the early 2000’s pop-punk. The lyrics provide a little grit, however, as Patti Smith gets a reference, youth declared dead, and enough restlessness to make Jack Kerouac feel grounded. And it’s this that makes Try Not To Freak Out somewhat of a disappointment: Sløtface make it clear what their inspirations and influences are, and rather than try to achieve those heights, they’ve taken some of those lessons and made them more accessible. They gentrified punk with a smile and a thumbs-up.

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