Reptaliens – FM-2030 Review


The music is out there on Reptalien's debut album, FM-2030.
Captured Tracks, 2017
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7.2 / 10

Let’s imagine The X-Files but as a husband and wife musical duo. Instead of Mulder and Scully, their names would be Cole and Bambi Browning. Their band name would be Reptaliens. Okay, enough imagining, this is a reality. Reptaliens’ debut album, FM-2030, arrives after plenty of hype building. And for the most part, the hype was indeed worth it; assuming you dig down-tempo bedroom style rock. Oh, and if you’re also into sci-fi (not SyFy as a certain television channel puts it).

Reptaliens’ songs mine the writings of authors like Philip K. Dick and Haruki Murakami for material. And surprisingly it makes for fun, eccentric pop songs. Just listen to the somewhat tropical “Satan’s Song” where “Satan and his demons are gone,” is a fun chorus to get behind. You’ll feel like cracking open a Corona on the beach in no time. The romantic vibes of “666Bus” are instantly alluring but Bambi Browning’s lyrics could cause dog-eared reactions. She sings, “Maybe I’ll get hit by a bus while I was dreamin’ of falling in love / Or maybe I’ll fall in love and die of a broken heart.” So death either way? Maybe love isn’t worth it.

Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘That’s a couple of songs about Satan, but where’s the sci-fi, man?’ Trust me; it’s there in songs like “Ubik” and “Butter Slime”. FM-2030 is a highly creative pop record; one that offers plenty of deep dives for future consumption.

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