Cults – Offering Review


Cults reach to the sky and pull down more catchy pop songs on their new album, Offering.
Sinderlyn, 2017
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6.7 / 10

It’s been a minute since we heard from Cults, the dream pop duo of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion. Their last album was 2013’s Static. Four years later, they return with Offering and the cover art to Spoon’s They Want My Soul. Okay…okay. So, maybe it’s not the exact cover art, but jeez Louise, it is very similar. So what changes for the duo this time around? Well, for one, Follin and Oblivion jammed these ideas out together in a room rather than just trading ideas back and forth. Also, Follin joined in on instrumental duties. Here, she performs drums and keyboards throughout. So, don’t think of her as just the voice anymore. However, even with these changes, not much really changes for Cults on Offering.

The duo retains its strong pop sensibility while the songs balance lo-fi production with a slick sheen. Cults don’t know how to write songs that aren’t catchy. Expect to nod your head along frequently as there’s more than one chorus that will likely plant itself in your head. “I Took Your Picture” is one example where Follin’s dreamy vocals pair incredibly well with the song’s meaty bass. You can’t help but get caught in its web. Also good is “Talk In Circles” where Follin’s voice almost becomes one with the song’s synthesizers in an enticing tango. But even with these good songs, Offering lands as just okay in comparison to other indie duo offerings like Sylvan Esso’s from earlier this year. Keep reaching to the sky, Cults.

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