Iglooghost – Neō Wax Bloom Review


Iglooghost introduces us to new characters in the Iglooghost Universe on his debut album.
Brainfeeder, 2017
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6.0 / 10

British producer Iglooghost hit it big in his teens; signing to Flying Lotus‘s Brainfeeder label. The label released his Chinese Nü Year EP, which definitely put his talent and creativity on display. After all, that EP did follow the time-traveling adventures of a gelatinous worm-shaped creature called Xiangjiao. Wait, what? It only makes sense then for his debut full-length that he expands on the story in what we’re calling the Iglooghost Universe. Apparently, the story behind Neō Wax Bloom follows a pair of giant eyeballs crashing into the world of Mamu.

Sounds pretty cool, right? And Neō Wax Bloom certainly kicks off that way. Iglooghost’s prowess for IDM, grime, and hip-hop is immediately on display. The album speeds out of the gate and never really lets up. It’s as if the album is in a constant mode of fast forward. Crazy sounds and spastic beats are popping off in all directions. The music just fidgets with anxious energy, but there isn’t a fidget spinner in sight to calm down the album’s momentum.

While it seems like this may be what you want from an electronic dance album, it gets very tiresome. Some may enjoy this pace; however, it’s just too much coming at you. But maybe I’m just getting too old. After all, Iglooghost is still young enough to know what young listeners want. But keep in mind that an electronic album from an old guy (LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy) is also universally acclaimed. And I know plenty of young’uns who love it as well.

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