Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers Review


Godspeed You! Black Emperor will us to destruction but leave us with the hope for a better world as a result.
Constellation, 2017
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7.2 / 10

Listening to an album by Godspeed You! Black Emperor is often a cathartic experience. The drums firing like cannons; the guitars ripping through the atmosphere like a meteor hurtling toward earth. You want the band to be in a bad mood. You want them to BRING the rage; tapping into some primal urge we have to push away to be decent, normal folk. However, for Luciferian Towers, the songs also suggest hope rather than rage. Perhaps it’s an insistence that what seems impossible is possible. Maybe one day things will be just fine.

However, until that day comes, Godspeed You! Black Emperor have some demands. They list them as the following: an end to foreign invasions; an end to borders; the total dismantling of the prison-industrial complex; healthcare, housing, food and water acknowledged as an inalienable human right; and the expert fuckers who broke this world never get to speak again. Obviously, GY!BE are another band disgusted by the world’s current political environment.

They arrange the album in four parts; two of which are three-song suites. Each one has its own story; though, it’s easy to summarize as the following. The rich abuse the poor, and the poor strike back, but the war destroys the world in the process. Yet, GY!BE make us believe that some good can come from this. Although there are no vocals to express this narrative, the music swells in an anthemic call to arms where we want to fight back against our oppressors. Here, they say more without words than those that do.

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