METZ – Strange Peace Review


In proper METZ fashion, the Toronto three-piece blast us with noisy rock until we can't take it anymore.
Sub Pop, 2017
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6.8 / 10

METZ‘s third full-length Strange Peace is more or less what we’ve come to expect from the band. It rushes out of the gate with an exhilarating veracity. It keeps up this momentum for about six quick songs. And then, it starts to run out of steam. The songs are just as intense, but by “Sink”, it’s just exhausting. The band’s music sounds so loud on Strange Peace that speakers cannot contain all of the power that METZ are dishing out. Here, the band works with Steve Albini, and he helps bring the band’s anger to the forefront. Yet, frontman Alex Edkins says the songs are “about finding some semblance of peace within the chaos.”

It’s a strange peace indeed then when these songs give you the feeling of being inside a head afflicted by a migraine. Everything throbs with occasional bursts of intensity. It seems METZ is wanting to punish us with this album; dropping bomb after noisy bomb. After a while, it simply becomes too much. However, that doesn’t mean this album isn’t fun. In fact, the album’s longest song, album finisher “Raw Materials”, gives us one last jolt just when it feels like METZ can’t jolt us anymore. The song’s finale is like plummeting from some great summit and hitting everything on the way down. I mean that in a good way no matter how strange it sounds.

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