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Phantom Electric are set to introduce themselves via their debut digital 7″ Friends on October 6th. Leading the project is the Atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Whitson. Whitson has a fair share of past experience in Atlanta projects such as Elevation and Alchemy. Here, he brings in Daniel Draddy, Sean Michelson (Alchemy), Peter Norman (Spectralux), Matthew Pendrick (Slow Parade/Gas Hound) and Kristopher Sampson (Ponderosa). As Phantom Electric, they create music that soars instantly as evident by the anthemic six-minute “Friends”. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our premiere of the new song. Plus, check out what Whitson had to say about it below.

Nick Whitson on the new song:

In a failed attempt to move to New York City, I had just returned from Europe where I blew all my money. That was late August 2014. We were supposed to go on tour for a month, but that fell through the day before we were scheduled to leave town. Throughout that year, I really changed and grew a lot, on a personal and spiritual level. I made lots of poor decisions against my better judgment and left a lot of people and places behind. It was a lot of ‘taking back my life,’ and posturing. I was in need of reorienting myself and finding a new direction to lead.

Alone in a basement with an acoustic guitar, everything was weighing heavily on me. I was also thinking a lot about my relationships with friends. When I came back, it was like everyone was cool with me and glad I was back, but everyone had a chip on their shoulder about it or had issues to sort out amongst themselves. That’s where the chorus of “Friends” really stemmed from…’Oh my friend, what troubles you?’ There was a lot of backbiting going on at the time: pride, arrogance, deceit, manipulation, greed, self-righteousness—you can kind of pick up where I talk about those little ‘sins’ in the verses.

The song is a take on one’s character, looking in the mirror, recognizing and accepting your own responsibility and truth. I wanted to call out solipsism, and take time to address overcoming your own mind to become aware of all things around you and your impact and influence on others in life.

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