Mourn – Over The Wall EP Review


Mourn drop an eclectic five-song EP to get fans excited for their upcoming tour of the US.
Captured Tracks, 2017
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6.7 / 10

It’s funny that a chief criticism against Mourn is because of the ages of its band members. They were all teenagers when they formed in 2014. Yet, this supposedly means they can’t play punk rock or even have a cynical opinion. I mean, you need to be at least early 20s before you can even do punk rock properly, right? If anything, teenagers are usually more angry at the world than anyone, which is just the fuel that punk rock needs. Now, the Catalonian band is following up last year’s sophomore album, Ha, Ha, He!, with a quick 5-song EP Over The Wall. Its title is a possible joke in reference to Trump’s wall since the band is able to tour the US again after a nasty legal dispute with their former Spanish label.

So, here they arrive, over the wall that hopefully will never see construction begin. However, Over The Wall doesn’t feel like a political statement by any means. Rather, this EP is a short burst of eclectic rock songs. Here, the band does its best impression of Savages on the title track while “Color Me Impressed” trades darkness for something more carefree and shrill reminiscent of Jay Reatard. However, the EP’s best song is “The Fire”, one where teenage member Leia Rodríguez’s excellent bass playing is a highlight. Singer Carla Pérez Vas also delivers a commanding performance that pairs intensity with hypnotic seduction. Still young, yes, but this band is fanning the flames of something special.

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