Deerhoof – Mountain Moves Review


Deerhoof's fourteenth album is their best in some time.
Joyful Noise, 2017
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7.9 / 10

After hitting what I consider to be a career-high with Vs. Evil, Deerhoof has spent the rest of the decade putting out what register to me as lesser versions of Evil. So, it is to the band’s immense credit that their fourteenth album, Mountain Moves, isn’t scraps. All it took to get Deerhoof out of their relative dry spell was inviting a whole bunch of random musicians to record with them. Here, those guests range in name recognition from Juana Molina and the lead singer of Stereolab to Awkwafina, whose video for “Queef” puzzled our Nick a few years ago. Such an odd lineup suggests an album that is all over the place. Go figure that this is Deerhoof’s best album in quite some time.

I mean, yeah, it is all over the place, but being discordant is kind of their thing. Juana Molina is such a non-factor on her track that she might as well not be there. However, the Awkwafina track is good enough that I’d not mind an EP of similar material. All the while, Deerhoof embrace a rock crunch that serves as a reminder that they’re one of the most accomplished bands going today. The band sounds best when they take risks. Mountain Moves is their least-safe album in some time. More of this, please.