Happy Hollows – Concordia Review


The latest album from the LA art-punk outfit sounds real pretty.
Self-Released, 2017
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7.8 / 10

We’ve reached the point of specifying music genre terms to such a point that being as accurate as possible might not actually be that useful. Post-anything is a sticking point for me. How can we be post-rock when rock’n’roll still exists? How can we use that term before the apocalypse goes down? But art-punk might be just as bad. Punk has a sort of anti-art (well, anti-everything really) slant to it. So, how would those pieces go together? This has to be some sort of wildly experimental rock record that’s leagues ahead of—oh, it’s just a dance record. I guess that works.

No, really, it works. I wouldn’t call Happy Hollows‘ latest an AOTY contender or anything, it doesn’t have the juice to kick into fifth gear, but if you want something that makes you move your feet, Concordia will get the job done. It’s a shallow record that sounds really pretty, particularly the first half, and that’s more than most albums achieve.