Dinner – New Work Review


In the bedroom, no one can hear you Depeche.
Captured Tracks, 2017
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5.1 / 10

Indie rock/pop is the land of the weird. No one puts on a Guided By Voices album to hear the same old rock’n’roll. To describe something in this genre as “strange,” usually comes with positive connotations. New Work, then, is strange and weird. But that’s mostly because of the vocal choices Anders Rhedin, aka Dinner, makes. He sounds like the midpoint between Morrissey and Martin Gore and comes across as comical over his upbeat tunes. I understand that might register as overly reductive. But I have my reasons. Like when he conjures a tune that sounds like a lo-fi remix of TV On the Radio’s “Stork and Owl” and sings, with heavy bass in his voice, “Your lips are red / And you tell me you’re already dead“…oh, did I mention the lyrics aren’t great, either?

New Work has enough going on with its compositions that I can’t call it awful by any stretch. Rhedin’s got an ear for melody, and that goes a long way towards selling these tunes as toe-tappers. It’s pretty easy to enjoy these tunes until Dinner opens his mouth, which he does on almost every song.