PREMIERE: Mutts – “Don’t Touch It”


September 12th marks the release of Chicago-based band Mutts new EP Stick Together. The new EP was born after a series of trying times for the band. Frontman Mike Maimone was kicked out of the house by his partner of five years. Several bands that were friends with Mutts decided to call it quits. Mutts’ drummer decided to leave the group after having his first child. The bar that Maimone played every week whenever home went out of business. And then their tour van died. What a string of tough times, right?!

But as Maimone says, “You don’t have to give up just because everything sucks for the time being.” And thankfully Mutts didn’t give up. Today, we share their song, “Don’t Touch It”, from Stick Together. Here, Maimone delivers a solid vocal performance in a song that feels like the New Pornographers meeting up with Afghan Whigs. Check it out below.

Mutts’ Mike Maimone on the song:

“Don’t Touch It” is the most collaborative Mutts track we’ve ever released. Instead of originating with my keyboard part, our drummer at the time, Chris Pagnani, brought an acoustic demo of this song to the practice space. His chord progressions are different than what I would write, so it pushed me to create vocal melodies that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. Lyrically, I wanted it to mirror the feel of the music, which I interpreted as fun, but sinister. Then Bob came in with those guitar hooks, and we all arranged the middle instrumental section together. Teamwork makes the dream work. Hope you dig it.

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