PREMIERE: Lost Dog Constellation – “Lullaby”


Lost Dog Constellation‘s eagerly awaited debut single “Lullaby” creates a melding of East and West. Infusing the ancient tones of the oud with classical guitar and haunting melody, Lost Dog Constellation invites you to hear something new. Vocalist Trevor Vaughn (lead singer/songwriter of Reserved for Rondee) and Mike Hassan have collaborated with producer Peter Salett to make a natural shift in style and storytelling, rendering some spooky action at a poetic distance. This song moves the spirit in all the right ways, but you’ll soon find that out for yourself. All you have to do is push play below.

Check out the band’s official biography below:

In the great city of all tribes & nations-New York, a new constellation is born. LDC’s musical intertwining of east-west has been developing since 2015, when Mike Hassan (classical guitar & oud) and Texan vocalist Trevor Vaughn began musing upon music over moonshine in Astoria one Sunday afternoon, igniting an impromptu exploration. By infusing eastern maqam tunings and scales with blues and folk, they instantly melded similarities between folk music of Middle East and soul music of the South. In 2016 they expanded their chamber troubadouring with Argentine percussionist Juan Pablo Pastor and Ukrainian cellist Marta Bagratuni, in 2017.

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