Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun Review


Mogwai's ninth studio album is a welcome return to form.
Temporary Residence / Rock Action, 2017
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8.0 / 10

The dancing about architecture that is writing about music is rarely more difficult than it is differentiating a good Mogwai album from their lesser material. For one thing, they’re often similar in style. They feature heavy guitar lines and emphasize filling space. The song titles are sometimes incomprehensible, and there’s a sparse use of vocals. So, it feels fruitless to compare their latest album, Every Country’s Sun, to 2006’s Mr. Beast. Some say Mr. Beast is better than My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. However, comparing any individual track on Every Country’s Sun to any individual track on Mr. Beast doesn’t shine a light on the merits of one over the other.

Where Every Country’s Sun succeeds comes with the effect of listening to the work as a whole. A lesser Mogwai work sounds like three EPs put together. A great Mogwai work has a fantastic pacing that makes its hour pass by like five minutes. However, I’m not about to pretend every song here is gold or doesn’t overstay its welcome. I’d have been fine with the exclusion of one of its three six-minute tracks, but this is a welcome return to form.