PREMIERE: Walktell – “Let Me Rest” Video


Walktell is a San Francisco-based artist making the best of his opportunity to Dhaka, Bangladesh. He soaks up inspiration everywhere and uses his multi-instrumental abilities to create some of the most far out music you’ll ever hear. Watch his video for the new song, “Let Me Rest”, below and get the scoop from Walktell on its creation below.

Walktell on the video:

Composed in in the balmy Bangalore evening immediately after a 40hr plane journey from San Francisco. Fragile and drunk off extreme sleep deprivation. Recorded the video in Dhaka, Bangladesh where I was on assignment in public hospitals to make a video about low-cost medical devices. The fatigue of navigating the densest city on earth matched the sort of spiritual exhaustion I felt when I first wrote the song. On the recording, you’ll hear me play uke, panpipes (Peru), autoharp, mbira (South Africa), trumpet, hulusi (China), toy piano, charango (Bolivia), saz (Turkey), dilruba (India), flute, ektara (Nepal), tabla (India), oud (Morocco), and bass.

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