Bicep – Bicep Review


The London duo Bicep finally gets to show off their muscle on their self-titled debut.
Ninja Tune, 2017
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7.5 / 10

There’s a reason for the overall polished aesthetic of Bicep‘s self-titled debut album. It’s simple enough really. The Belfast-born, London-based duo of Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson are avid fans of the music they make. They even celebrate it consistently on their blog, Feelmybicep. But with their debut, they’re not sharing the music of others. Instead, they’re giving listeners a taste of theirs. Taking influence from their eclectic taste in music, Bicep meshes together various styles: classic house, techno, electro and Italo disco. It all comes together in one beefcake of a debut that’s flexing in muscle. However, it’s also incredibly chill, which makes it just right for when you need to relax or get through the drudge of the day.

But even though I say that Bicep is chill, don’t read that as low-tempo. Bicep’s tracks enjoy a fast pace, yet they never excel toward explosive bombast. The Soundcloud generation wants drops; however, many us would rather lose ourselves to a hypnotic melody. That’s what you get here. It begins with album opener “Orca” and ends with the beautiful “Aura”. “Orca” delivers bass that punches harder than Iron Mike over a rushing tempo with an icy cool demeanor. “Aura” is a popping bleep and bloop overload. But the duo pair it up with a soaring melody that makes you want to grab hold and not let go. It’s a serene yet thrilling finish to an album, which comes out strong and never loses its momentum. It’s time for you to feel this Bicep.

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