Vomitface – “Mad Sugar”


Vomitface take the conventional love song and turn that fucker upside down. Their new song, “Mad Sugar”, starts off with a killer opening line from Jared Micah. He sings, “Baby you’re so sweet/ You break me out and you rot my teeth.” Awww…how come I never got a Valentine’s Day card like that in the past? “Mad Sugar” is the first taste of new music we’ve heard from the band since last year’s excellent Hooray for Me. The song appears on Sugar Rush 2. Sugar Rush 2 is a digital-only compilation of original “sweet” songs released by The Grey Estates blog and podcast. The comp arrives this Halloween, and the proceeds will directly benefit QORDS (Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer). Check out “Mad Sugar” below.

According to the Grey Estate’s Lauren Rearick, Sugar Rush 2 collects “original songs related to all things sugary, sweet and candy this fall. It’s a follow up to the previous, limited edition Sugar Rush 1, a compilation of cover songs from female and non-binary acts.”

About the cause:

QORDS is an overnight camp for queer and gender non-conforming youth or youth of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, or asexual families, with special focus on youth in the South. By empowering Southern queer youth and building community through music, QORDS is a vehicle for expressing gender and sexuality, and harbors an environment of self-discovery and social change.

Sugar Rush 2 also features bands like Strange Relations, Ahem, Leggy and more.

Pre-order the compilation HERE.

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