PREMIERE: Monitor – “Wytches”


Seattle-based duo Monitor, Dave Raskin and Connor Smith, will release their debut full-length, Memorand, later this fall. But before we get to that, Earbuddy is ecstatic to premiere the band’s latest single, “Wytches”. Evoking an eerie, mysterious vibe much like Radiohead or The Antlers, the new song leaves a lasting impression that’s sure to haunt your dreams. But it also makes you anxious to hear of what the band has to offer on Memorand. Hear “Wytches” and read what the band has to say about the song below.

Monitor on the new song:

“Wytches” is politically-driven without being explicitly political. During the election season, I became fed up with watching people take the politicians’ statements at face value as they idolized them unabashedly. I just saw politicians saying what their advisors told them to say to a target demographic in order to get their votes. I found the shallowness of it all to be completely unnerving, which is a feeling that I think was shared by many people across the political spectrum. Ultimately I wanted to capture that common feeling rather than write about my own subjective analysis of specific events.

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