Shabazz Palaces – Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines Review


Shabazz Palaces's second-best album of 2017.
Sub Pop, 2017
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2.8 / 10

Shabazz Palaces‘s second of two albums of 2017 has some issues. Big issues. Namely, Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines sees the group disappear up their own asses. Poof! They’re nowhere in sight. All good will from Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star disappears. Lese Majesty hinted that Palaces had little understanding of why Black Up connected with so many. Jealous Machines might be the closest we get to that confirmation. Here, they let limp electronic compositions float into the air while the vocal performances consist of so much hot air. It’s pretentious, difficult, and self-impressed. However, most damning of all is that the album is boring. That the few highlights come when they abandon this aesthetic (“Self-Made Follownaire”, “30 Clip Extension”) should have tipped them off that this wasn’t working. They should have quit while they were ahead.