Soccer Mommy – Collection Review


The only thing that would make Collection sweeter is if Soccer Mommy packed it with juice boxes.
Fat Possum, 2017
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7.0 / 10

We’ve been seeing a little revival of bedroom musicians. With (Sandy) Alex G and Car Seat Headrest and now Soccer Mommy moving from Bandcamp to the big leagues, how soon until Bradford Cox releases a new Atlas Sound record? I’m sure most of us would rather have a Deerhunter record, right? But I’m not talking about him today. Rather, I’ll focus on Soccer Mommy, the project of nineteen-year-old Sophie Allison. Already her project has an endearing name, conjuring the image of a parent invested in her kids’ lives. Though, Allison isn’t really a mom. She’s still a kid herself. A quite accomplished one not unlike Will Toledo or Alexander Giannascoli. Much like them, Bandcamp is a home for her former releases. And on Collection, she reworks a few of those and pairs them up with some new ones.

And it makes a good introduction to Allison’s music. This eight-song collection is a mostly mellow affair; a somber demeanor hanging over many of them. She sings about wanting to be desired by the person she’s with. She pines over someone she can’t have. Much of the sentiments here are what you would expect from a teenager. It’s angsty lovelorn, straightforward rock. Oh, and there is great songwriting. On “Try”, Allison sings, “Pass you on a side street/ Brush across your wrist like a razor blade.” It’s a clever line reflecting that love or infatuation is sometimes a scary or dangerous thing. Her “oh, no,” which comes later in the song suggests she realizes this person is taking over her thoughts.

“Out Worn” is Allison at her most direct. Here, her singing doesn’t feel as vulnerable. Instead, she’s more on the attack; lashing out against a guy, who doesn’t pay her the attention she deserves. It’s Collection‘s strongest song but doesn’t reach the highs of someone like Waxahatchee. But it would be unfair to compare Allison so quickly to Waxahatchee. After all, this Collection is just a taste of the great things to come from Soccer Mommy. And they will come.

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