Carmen Villain Announces New LP, Infinite Avenue


photo credit: Signe Luksengard

Get lost in the “Red Desert” with Carmen Villain.

Carmen Villain will release her new album, Infinite Avenue, on September 8th via Smalltown Supersound. Today, Villain shared the new song, “Red Desert”, which takes its title from the legendary Antonioni movie about a woman’s survival tactics in a surreal industrial landscape full of existential crisis. “To me the movie feels like a perfect visual representation of what it can be like to be anxious and uncomfortable in your head sometimes,” says Villain. Listen to the new song below.


Infinite Avenue Track List:
01. Infinite Avenue
02. Red Desert
03. Simple Things
04. Quietly
05. Borders feat. Jenny Hval
06. She’s Gone To California
07. Connected
08. The Moon Will Always Be There
09. Water
10. Planetarium

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