Beaches – “Void”


Photo Credit : Darren Sylvester

Double your pleasure; double your fun. That’s the approach Australian psych-rock band Beaches is taking on their next album, Second of Spring. The new album will be a double LP, the first ever for label Chapter Music. If the album’s first single, “Void”, is any indication, we’re in for a hell of a loud, wild time. Listen to “Void” via Noisey below.

Second of Spring Track List:

1. Turning
2. Void
3. September
4. Be
5. Natural Tradition
6. Calendar
7. Contact
8. Divers
9. Wine
10. Arrow
11. When You’re Gone
12. Golden
13. Walk Around
14. Bronze Age Babies
15. Grey Colours
16. Mothers And Daughters
17. Mutual Delusion

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