Kite Base – Latent Whispers Review


This is the debut album of a two-piece band that includes a member of Savages. Does it meet expectations?
little something, 2017
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5.0 / 10

Kite Base have faith in their ability to combine brooding basslines with groovy synths into a multi-textured treasure. Something the goth kids can shuffle softly to. However, isn’t this getting a bit redundant? If I had a dime for every band that tried to replicate Joy Division and succeeded to a glorious degree, I might have enough spare change to get a smoothie. However, I can’t knock it too much as there’s certainly texture here. But the material of Latent Whispers is so insular and self-impressed that it comes across more like a promising demo rather than a full-length debut album. The best songs here are the ones that commit the most to the dance floor (“Transition”, “Grids”); they’re simpler pleasures than Kite Base are aiming for, but at least they hit a mark.