Twinsmith – Stay Cool Review


Twinsmith just don't want to let their freak flag fly.
Saddle Creek, 2017
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4.5 / 10

For Twinsmith’s third album, the core duo of Jordan Smith and Matt Regner wanted to take it down a notch after 2015’s Alliagator Years. This is somewhat funny considering that it felt like they were doing the same thing on Alligator Years. Rather than let the songs go interesting directions, they pulled them back for safe yet forgettable results. Here, that rings true again. Stay Cool is a fast, breezy eight songs. The longest and most experimental, “Forever Old.” arrives at the end. This song plays like a psychedelic R&B and hip-hop hybrid, which is unlike everything before it.

This is unfortunate. For Stay Cool’s other seven songs, Twinsmith do the synth-pop thing instead. They try for ‘80s cool, but the results are as bland as the song titles: “Hug Me”, “You & I”, “Only You”. These titles also give you an idea of the songs’ narratives. Instead of pulling back the reins on their creative urges, Twinsmith should show more courage to do something different. Like what they try on “Forever Old.” I’m not necessarily saying it’s a great song, but at least it stands out. However, Twinsmith make it easy by making sure the other songs don’t stay cool, just stay the same.

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